Safety rules for participants

The Parade is designed to celebrate traditional Irish culture. Parade entries are encouraged to reflect this theme. All vehicles must be decorated in the Irish theme unless hauling people or equipments for music.
All entries with horses will be assigned numbered cards; cards are to be placed on each entry at the right side.
All participants have to follow the highway safety code.
All VTT drivers and riders are obliged to wear safety helmets.
All vehicles and horses have to be drive safely and all participants have to behave themselves responsibly and vigilantly
No horn blowing.
No candy or other articles to be thrown from floats, tractors, trailers, or other vehicles.
They have to be distributed to spectators with persons walking beside the float along the parade route.
Participants or spectators must not mount or dismount moving floats, vehicles, etc.
No glass bottles are permitted on parade route. The consumption of alcohol by Parade participants is not allowed before or during the Parade.
Always keep a distance of 75 ft (25m) between each float.
No trucks with flatbed over 45ft are permitted in the parade.
Participants and equipments have to be safely placed on floats.
No person(s) are permitted to ride in tractor buckets or on hitching shafts.
Participants who not conform to verbal of written instructions will be removed from the parade.
Do not forget the main goal of the parade is having fun, waving and smilling.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!